Thursday, 9 October 2014

concept art pack

At last something up-to-date! Concept art pack from layout in preparation for my multi-level pan assignment.

beak sync

final animation assignment from second year, the beak sync! at last I can start posting third year stuff.

character in sequence

Final character design mini-assignment from second year. It was nice to get to work with a character from first semester, you can get a sense of the improvement.

beak & muzzle character designs


Beak & muzzle characters from second semester character design! love herons

more cowboy stuff

a little painting from layout last year

Muzzle sync animation from second SPACE

expressions assignment

Expressions assignment from first semester second of my less successful (and very last minute) assignments but here it is anyway!

contrasting characters


I found a bunch of my character design work from second year so I'll be posting it all up!
This is from the 'contrasting characters' assignment in first semester

Sunday, 21 September 2014

animation - human sync

first full character animation with dialogue! (language warning)

storyboarding - Leave Me Alone leica

Leica reel for my story based on the phrase 'Leave Me Alone'

character design - western

 western-themed character design pack! The first two lineups are proposed designs for each character and the third is the final.

animation - walk & run

walk + run cycle scene assignment for second year

painting - exterior

exterior painting assignment with day/night and stylization

animation - lip sync

first lip sync assignment of second year

painting - inclass

some in-class work from painting

layout - stagecoach assignment

Stagecoach exterior and interior