Friday, 29 March 2013

still life painting

gouache still life paintings featuring reflective surfaces and glass

pan layout

layout pan project in which my little leg-braced deerboy has a cameo

character posing sheet

another early character design project. This isn't the final cleaned version because I handed in the original without ever scanning it, and it happened to get up on The Wall

flash experiment

a little digital tools project, introduction to symbols in flash. in gif form for your convenience

hands & feet portfolio for life drawing
pencil and col-erase

character turnaround

Probably should have uploaded this first since it was the first assignment in character design ooops
Just a character turnaround, not particularly interesting or special but it's here to show progress I guess. I adapted the character from the digital painting but had to simplify a few things such as the fact that there is a bird face coming out of the back of her head

royal winter fair portfolio



Animal gestures and studies from the 2012 Royal Winter Fair trip

bone portfolio

Now with this project there were some difficulties, nearly all of them stemming from the fact that while we had 14 weeks to complete it I basically left it all to the last one ahahaha

While I finished most of the drawings themselves in time, compiling them took a lot longer than I thought. My concept had to do with the possible ritualistic uses of each bone and the types of demons they could conjure, but I ultimately didn't get to convey this very clearly. What I've uploaded here is also unfinished, since I ended up having to just print everything out and finish the rest of the labelling by hand with quill&ink on the way to school

all issues aside I'm content with the drawings which are done in copic marker, pen and white gel pen. The text is all painstakingly handwritten by quill pen yet sadly illegible due to being...handwritten. All compiled in photoshop.

actual layer names include "naberius lord of cunning", "rauym demon of filth" and "layer 14"

texture paintings

texture paintings from reference (all photos were taken by me)
My paintings generally aren't as successful as I'd like but y'know. practice practice

character expressions

Finally posting some stuff from this year. This was a character expression sheet for character design