Wednesday, 13 November 2013

animated weight lift and toss

Second animation project, the weight lift and toss in action. I simplified the character and object for time (guy got his tail cut off) but I got most of the mechanics working. I may go back and give him a tail later on for followthrough/S+C practice

layout - castles

First layout assignment, three landscapes with castles developed from provided thumbnails

the leader - full boards

Full boards developed from the beats posted previously! Quite a bit changed from the original vision to the end result but I think it makes for a better story. Some of my favourite drawings were on the rejected panels but murder your darlings and all that

wave - boat - sack animation

First animation project of this year, a flour sack on a boat tossed by a wave! I'm enjoying animation more this year, and certainly improved from last year

exterior painting

Exterior colour key for painting class...still working on gouache technique and landscapes in general

character weight lift

Character design assignment showing a lift and toss of something heavy

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Beat boards - first assignment

First upload of second-year work, only a month or so overdue! Two sets of beat boards for a short film based on two provided poems, the better of which would later go on to be fully boarded.