Wednesday, 13 November 2013

animated weight lift and toss

Second animation project, the weight lift and toss in action. I simplified the character and object for time (guy got his tail cut off) but I got most of the mechanics working. I may go back and give him a tail later on for followthrough/S+C practice

layout - castles

First layout assignment, three landscapes with castles developed from provided thumbnails

the leader - full boards

Full boards developed from the beats posted previously! Quite a bit changed from the original vision to the end result but I think it makes for a better story. Some of my favourite drawings were on the rejected panels but murder your darlings and all that

wave - boat - sack animation

First animation project of this year, a flour sack on a boat tossed by a wave! I'm enjoying animation more this year, and certainly improved from last year

exterior painting

Exterior colour key for painting class...still working on gouache technique and landscapes in general

character weight lift

Character design assignment showing a lift and toss of something heavy

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Beat boards - first assignment

First upload of second-year work, only a month or so overdue! Two sets of beat boards for a short film based on two provided poems, the better of which would later go on to be fully boarded.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

1st year demo reel

my demo reel from year 1 semester 2! includes a few projects I have not uploaded separately here (flour sack animation, digital tools work). This will be the last thing I upload from year 1 unless I discover something long buried I want on here. Otherwise, onto better things!

novel interior painting

gouache + marker painting based on edgar allan poe's poem

layout portfolio

some work from my layout portfolio semester 2 of last year

layout textures assignment

semester 2, first year

mood landscape

mood landscape paintings from last year.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Hummingbird character timeline

anthropomorphic character timeline from semester 2 last year

character pose & expression sheet

character design final assignment from last year

paper cutout character and scene

Painting final from last year -- although there really wasn't much painting involved

Puddles animation

Digital tools project from last year as an introduction to Flash! It goes by a lot faster than it's supposed to in this export but I didn't persist in my troubleshooting because I don't have any great investment, just an example of clean frame by frame animation

character lip sync

Headturn and lip sync attempt from second semester last year, Koda the bear from Disney's Brother Bear

biped & quadruped walk cycles

Today I went to upload some recent year 2 work and found this unfinished post with my walk cycles sitting here...I'll be publishing at least some of my other old stuff before updating with the new.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ball&tail animation

ball&tail assignment from semester 1.

marine animal swim cycle

my otter swim cycle from way back in semester 1, uploading it here as a record of one of my first animation attempts. I won't be uploading my rubber ball/balloon etc. since they're really just exercises

Friday, 29 March 2013

still life painting

gouache still life paintings featuring reflective surfaces and glass

pan layout

layout pan project in which my little leg-braced deerboy has a cameo

character posing sheet

another early character design project. This isn't the final cleaned version because I handed in the original without ever scanning it, and it happened to get up on The Wall

flash experiment

a little digital tools project, introduction to symbols in flash. in gif form for your convenience

hands & feet portfolio for life drawing
pencil and col-erase

character turnaround

Probably should have uploaded this first since it was the first assignment in character design ooops
Just a character turnaround, not particularly interesting or special but it's here to show progress I guess. I adapted the character from the digital painting but had to simplify a few things such as the fact that there is a bird face coming out of the back of her head

royal winter fair portfolio



Animal gestures and studies from the 2012 Royal Winter Fair trip